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Akil Muhtar 300


Akil Muhtar Ertürk

With over 34 years of experience in the construction, engineering and design fields, and after running the biggest Turkish construction firms for the past decade as a CEO, Akil Muhtar Ertürk decided to move on and pursue his own ambitious family-rooted business, starting what’s to become the Elite Production facilities.


  Bersun 300

Bersun Ertürk

The award-winning designer, going on his creative journey in Dubai since 2006, after graduating top of his class in 2003 from the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department at Bilkent University. He worked on many projects varying from interiors, to furniture & product design, to exhibition stands and event designs, which only cover a part of his scope of work. After working for several renowned architectural, design & events firms, he decided to join the family business and stepped into the production side of the design world as a Design Director & Partner in the Elite ‘n’ Elite Group.


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